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    There are many things that companies should consider when developing a product. The objective of developing a new product is to help companies improve their sales. Prior to developing a product the product development team has to work with the marketing department to determine the target market for the product. The product specifications vary based on the...

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    Classic Airlines is a company in the airline industry with over 25 years of experience. The firm has an operation that includes 2300 daily flights across 240 cities. The firm has a global workforce of 30,000 employees. Due to the size of the company it is imperative for this firm to invest its marketing dollars well. The airline industry is an oligopoly....

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    Marketing objective is certainly one of the most significant aspects in marketing. It is perhaps the most crucial component of the marketing plan of a particular organization. Any company needs to recognize its marketing objectives properly prior to decide on the marketing strategies. According to Botha, Brink and Strydom, a marketing objective is what...

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    In the onset of advanced information technology, internet marketing has become an integral part of its existence. Marketers use this as an opportunity to market their products and service offerings.

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    Lionsgate, a pioneering entertainment Hollywood company, strikes a deal with the Groupon for marketing and promotional activities. Under this deal, Groupon will be required to sell tickets for the entertainment thriller THE LINCOLIN LAWYER ( HYPERLINK http// Lionsgate First Hollywood Studio to Partner with Grouping...

  • $4.78 is the market leader in the relatively new coupon industry. It operates as an online platform that uses crowd-sourcing to offer consumers products and services at unbeatable prices with discounts ranging from 50 to 90 for those products and/or services that are featured on that particular day as a deal-of-the-day. The company offers these...

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    Marketing function has earned a critical position on the strategy table and has the responsibility of creating growth opportunities for the organization. The role of marketing is to create value profitability for customers and also deliver at least acceptable levels of satisfaction to the firms other stakeholders (Kotler Keller, 2009).

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    Immense competition as a consequence of changing customer needs and access to global markets has led many organizations to become marketing oriented. Organizations use market information for planning and implementing strategies in accordance with market, such as new product development, competitors performance and movements, making alliances, exploring...

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    Products that are not an easy sell, referred to as complex products, pose challenges for the business in making profits and sales. Such products would require non-conventional marketing and advertising in order to sell. More often, products that have greater emotional quotient with humans are difficult to sell. For example, products related to personal...

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    Unilever Global has a very successful history of marketing more than one competing brands simultaneously by maintaining a social mission at its promotional strategies for every brand. The mode and concept of marketing generally have undergone tremendous changes for the recent decades. Traditional way of seller oriented marketing gave way to customer...

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    You might have wished to be a tourist or rather a visitor at the Caribbean but afraid that you may lack a place to rest at the end of the day. This fear is no longer there since we at the Caribbean guest home are here with you ready to offer our services to your satisfaction. The home offers both food and accommodation for the tourists and any other...

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    As businesses grow and mature, the goal of each one is making a profit. This, of course happens by means of selling a good or service of the company to a third party. This requires fulfilling several conditions. First of all, a successful company should have a good enough image for its customers to be returning and loyal. That is the task of public...

Showing 1 - 12 of 5077 items