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    The name-brand products that are dropped-shipped from the manufacturers are confined with the primary business operation of eBags. These various branded products are all brought under one store location through effectively utilizing the internet. eBags, over the years, have grown successful due to this innovative business operation. Private label...

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    Supply chain is one of the most defining pillars of the business today. In todays brisk paced world where the business dynamics are determined by the ever powerful consumers, the marketers cannot afford to take a step in the wrong direction. No matter how strong a companys management is or how creatively it executes its marketing and communication...

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    Input. Zara‰Ђ™s customized retailing strategy shortens the development phase to just two weeks until merchandise reaches stores, compared to the industry average of six month (Capell, 2008). Zara is a manufacturing business with high service content, because they take customer requests from the store (i.e., ‰Ђ˜customized‰Ђ™) and expedite these requests as...

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    The organizations in today‰Ђ™s world have realized that they can compete successfully in the business environment by developing a well-integrated supply chain. Supply Chain Management (SCM) is described as the process in which effective integration is developed between the demand and supply management both across and within the firms. The final goal of...

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    Meditech is one of the principal market leaders in the supply of endoscopic surgical instruments. The Company is responsible for manufacturing and supplying low cost surgical equipment, either to independent surgeons or hospitals. Meditechs distribution network is managed from a main warehouse, where members of staff dispatch the instruments both to...

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    This paper analyses the supply chain network of PepsiCo. The distribution strategies of the company have also been discussed in the paper. Assessing the Supply Chain Management (SCM) strategies of PepsiCo, the paper depicts the relationship of the company with its different suppliers and the inclusion of innovation as well as technology advancements in...

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    Managing inventory requires breaking the bull-whip effect by capitalizing on the trust and reliability of suppliers. Since the bull-whip effect sets in due to stockpiling upward in the supply chain owing to information distortion (and inaccurate forecasts), the use of Electronic Data Interchange and Vendor Managed Inventory systems is proposed. For the...

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    Shortage gaming is an important circumstance in the business industry because it greatly affects profit and the stability of the business. In the 1980s, shortage gaming became a common problem in many huge companies such as Procter and Gamble (P&G) and Hewlett Packard. Studies show that when disposable baby diapers, particularly P&G‰Ђ™s Pampers...

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    The fashion industry, including retailers such as Gap and Zara, faces a myriad of challenges as far as supply chain management is concerned. The added complexity due to seasonal nature of sales, volatility in customer demand and changing fads along with the need to customize products to appeal to the target audience results in the bullwhip effect. This...

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    Supply chain and supply chain management plays an integral role in the efficiency of any corporate or organization that is involved in the procuring goods in its raw form and passing it on to an end customer as a finished product or good. Research and practice shows that connecting and informing on supply chain, its management and the distribution of...

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    A supply chain is as system of organizations, projects, technology, people, information, and resources involved in facilitating the movement of a companys products and services from their suppliers to their consumers. Therefore, supply chain management is the administration of a system of connected businesses involved in the final provision of product and...

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