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    During the initial phase of the movie ‰ЂњThe Greatest Movie Ever Sold‰Ђќ I thought that Morgan Spulock cannot pull it off to convince big companies to be a part of his movie and really pay for it. My initial assessment of the movie was, since it was premised on exposing how pervasive brands are to the point it invades the movies, the film will just show...

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    When the assignment was given to us to provide a summary about the Greatest Movie Ever Sold, I thought the whole movie was just a fiction. I did not realize that it was in fact a documentary where the filmaker, Mr. Morgan Spurlock, was actually making a movie involving real brands that will finance the movie. My initial impression was that it was like...

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    Chips ability to plan for the future ensured the success of Joie de Vivre in various ways. One way his ability to plan resulted in the success of the boutique hotel chain is that it ensured that the company‰Ђ™s hotels would always be a constant destination for travelers and tourist. The founder‰Ђ™s ability to plan also ensured that the company maximized...

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    Vampire Diaries is a TV series featuring a love triangle amongst two vampire brothers and a mortal woman whose forbidden love constantly challenges their quest to protect humanity from their intrinsic nature of feeding on humans. This TV series caters to AB market females who are connection seekers, empowered women, who find satisfaction in achieving...

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    Corporate social responsibility, defined as the ability of businesses to strike a balance between sustainability and reliability, is the main theme of the videos. Corporate social responsibility is the businesses concern for the community. As businesses expand their operations, they need to show concern for the community they operate in. through corporate...

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    Having viewed this movie from the beginning to the end, anyone who gets the opportunity to watch it would agree with me that for one reason, it has one main thing that stands out the subject of money or financial management. A lot of scholars have in the past wrote various diverse reflections on the same with the key objective being to analyze the...

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items