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    There are many things that companies should consider when developing a product. The objective of developing a new product is to help companies improve their sales. Prior to developing a product the product development team has to work with the marketing department to determine the target market for the product. The product specifications vary based on the...

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    Classic Airlines is a company in the airline industry with over 25 years of experience. The firm has an operation that includes 2300 daily flights across 240 cities. The firm has a global workforce of 30,000 employees. Due to the size of the company it is imperative for this firm to invest its marketing dollars well. The airline industry is an oligopoly....

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    The article You Say You Want a Revolution Three Evolutionary Trends that will Transform Your Loyalty Strategy was a very interesting article. One of the factors mentioned in the article that drive customer loyalty is innovation. I believe that innovation is one of the most important factors for marketers in todays marketplace. A company that has been...

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    One of the articles that the professor posted discussed transactional emails. The author claimed that companies should take advantage of email conversations in order to build a relationship with the customer. Building a relationship with a customer can help increase customer retention. Another article that I read during the week was about trends that can...

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    Marketing objective is certainly one of the most significant aspects in marketing. It is perhaps the most crucial component of the marketing plan of a particular organization. Any company needs to recognize its marketing objectives properly prior to decide on the marketing strategies. According to Botha, Brink and Strydom, a marketing objective is what...

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    Marketing mix is perhaps the most basic and significant concept in marketing. The four major components of marketing mix are product, place, price and promotion (four Ps). Each and every organization has to focus on these four components of marketing mix in order to perform well for a long period of time. In the following section recommendations are made...

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    Claires Stores Inc. is a group of small shops indulged in the fashion industries. Rowland Schaefer, the founder of the group, had already acquired a number of shops dealing in fashion accessories since 1960 that finally ended with the acquisition of Claires Boutique, Inc. in 1973. Previously, it known as FT Industries after the acquisition of Fashion...

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    Since the ears 1920, Passiona has been a soft drink by the Aussi icon. The person who is credited the success in the Passiona is Spencer Cottee who is the main founder of the company. He is actually the brain that was behind the making of the now very famous company. Spencer Cottee came up with the idea of making Passiona soft drink from a very humble...

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    In the onset of advanced information technology, internet marketing has become an integral part of its existence. Marketers use this as an opportunity to market their products and service offerings.

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    This report focuses mainly on ways and techniques for social marketing. Social marketing is a source of creating awareness regarding any essential issue in a society and works for social benefits by means of various campaigns which are usually non-profit seeking. It is a way to change behavior of individuals in a society and strive for their good. These...

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    Marketing function has earned a critical position on the strategy table and has the responsibility of creating growth opportunities for the organization. The role of marketing is to create value profitability for customers and also deliver at least acceptable levels of satisfaction to the firms other stakeholders (Kotler Keller, 2009).

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    Immense competition as a consequence of changing customer needs and access to global markets has led many organizations to become marketing oriented. Organizations use market information for planning and implementing strategies in accordance with market, such as new product development, competitors performance and movements, making alliances, exploring...

Showing 1 - 12 of 3428 items