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    Lionsgate, a pioneering entertainment Hollywood company, strikes a deal with the Groupon for marketing and promotional activities. Under this deal, Groupon will be required to sell tickets for the entertainment thriller THE LINCOLIN LAWYER ( HYPERLINK http// Lionsgate First Hollywood Studio to Partner with Grouping...

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    Basically, the articles seek to trumpet the fact that Wal-Mart Express will be opening new market stores in specific destination, common among which is Chicago. In this direction, Wohl (2011) reports that дЫПWal-Mart Stores Inc is opening its first small store in Chicago on Wednesday as it tests a format it hopes will allow it to penetrate urban markets...

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    The article primarily deals with the pricing competition in automobile industry specifically in the midsize vehicle segments. Considering the market competition and lower demand due to higher price of cars, Chrysler, a leading automobile manufacturing in the global market has attempted to reduce the sales prices of its multiple new models like Dodge...

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    The article is a demonstration of the popularity of fake fur products over products made of real fur. There has been a gradual change in demand of consumers from clothes and accessories made of real fur towards faux fur products. Designers have been increasingly turning towards substitute fur products. They have been found to be extremely attracted...

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    Silver Line Company is a company that deals with the manufacture distribution of products made in US. I worked for this company for four months and therefore, I was able to encounter many ethical and unethical issues in the organization‰Ђ™s leadership. One day, my manager asked me to attend a meeting on his behalf at a very short notice. Since I had never...

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    McDonalds effectively localizes its advertisements for various markets. In some markets it caters to children and teenagers while office goers may be the target in some other market. McDonalds‰Ђ™ approach has always been ‰ЂThink Global Act Local‰Ђ™. Its advertising campaign with tagline ‰ЂI am loving it‰Ђ™ is particularly famous.

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    According to the slides, a sales force is made up of sales people: individuals representing a company to customers or vice versa charged with responsibilities of prospecting, communicating, selling, servicing, information gathering and relationship building. They serve a significant connection between the company and customers with a key role of creating...

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    There are major developments and trends in the global market that pose opportunities and challenges for the company. Amid the increasing cultural migration, interpenetration and resurgence of ethnic identity politics and regionalism, the demographics in numerous countries have changed. The emergence of new processes and spaces is increasingly becoming a...

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    This newspaper article is about Japan‰Ђ™s move to buy bonds from a European bailout fund CITATION Tak11 \p ", par 1" \l 1033 (Nakamichi , par 1). However, the article stated that Tokyo will reduce by 10 percent its purchase of the new bonds issued by the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF). These bonds were issued to help avert the European debt...

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    Early market technology entails the technology that is adopted by visionaries and enthusiasts. Visionaries engage in new market with an intention of exploiting the available resources in order to attain a competitive advantage ( HYPERLINK http// Don and HYPERLINK...

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    I have chosen Apple to carry out an environmental audit on given the high spirit the company is rated with. A company is well known for changing the way people lead their lives especially in the communication field. It varied product drove me to find out how the company manages to be prolific and productive and yet still be able to produce quality products.

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    To highlight the increasing trend of the usage of media to market the products to people, an article namely ‰Ђњhow to use social media to communicate your sustainability wins‰Ђќ, written by Marianna Grossman and Jeannette Bitz was published on November 11th, 2011 in the latest edition of business week. This article talks about how important the social...

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