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    Five different marketing orientations include production concept, product concept, selling concept, marketing concept, and societal marketing concept. All orientations are right and play their roles in the overall marketing process.

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    Before buying a particular item there are 5 stages of consumer behavior. The example of the action taken by my family for purchasing goods is explained by taking examples along with each stage. They are as described below (C.L. Tyagi)Problem Recognition This is basically the difference between consumers ideal state and the state he is presently The...

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    1. A product is a tangible entity which has a physical value and is involved in some kind of transaction. The three levels of product are as follows:A doctor‰Ђ™s service involves the doctor‰Ђ™s performance and skills directly. On the other hand, a bank‰Ђ™s services do not involve any direct skills or performances. Rather, a bank‰Ђ™s service provides...

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    HTMLCONTROL Forms.HTMLOption.1 All customers will be delighted. HTMLCONTROL Forms.HTMLOption.1 Customer-perceived value will be increased HTMLCONTROL Forms.HTMLOption.1 Customer evangelists will become unpaid salespersons for the service or product HTMLCONTROL Forms.HTMLOption.1 Few customers will be satisfied HTMLCONTROL Forms.HTMLOption.1 The company...

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    1.The amount of money that consumers are willing to pay for certain services or goods is called price. Websites that offer discounts on various products and services use the market-penetration pricing strategy to attract consumers. This strategy involves offering services at a much lower price to gain a large clientele. This is in contrast to...

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    There are three types of cost-based pricing cost-plus (mark up) pricing break-even pricing, target return pricing. The cost-plus pricing include a profit mark up. This helps the firm to increase the level of profits. The break-even pricing involves the firm just breaking even and no abnormal profits earned. The target return pricing involves meeting set...

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    Smart phones of Apple namely iPhone is the product chosen. Catchy webpage of HYPERLINK http// draws the attention of visitor when elegant and latest technologies like iPhones, iPads, iTunes and other similar products are displayed in their showcase. On the other hand, requires its visitors to first take a journey around...

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    Answer 2. Salespeople are generally organized in a manner which increases their efficiency and results in higher revenue and profitability for the company. This organization of the salespeople may lead to the formation of any of the 3 main sales force structures described belowTerritorial structure This type of sales force structure is used when the...

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    Information is data that comes into existence from secondary or primary source. Anything that provides knowledge to a person or informs is an information source. These sources may be people, speeches, documents, pictures, organizations, observations etc. They may be principal sources, secondary sources and or tertiary sources. Information sourcing should...

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    Over time, numerous marketing philosophies have evolved. A companys orientation towards the market place has undergone a metamorphosis. Companies have moved from the selling orientation to the need satisfying orientation. All stakeholders, be it consumers, society or the government, have started expecting and demanding more than a product or service from...

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    Bullying is a problem that has been seen in entirely all conventional schools where several students learn together. It is a world-wide problem that really impacts negatively on those affected thereby robbing them the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful environment in the learning process. It causes fear, anxiety and the loss of self esteem on those whom it...

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    Verizon Company engages in the advanced technology in its communication through the organization. From the leaders to any employee in the company, unified communications and collaboration as well mobility capabilities have been applied. The company uses video and web conferencing, instant messaging, internet protocol within the organization set up as well...

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