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    The essay aims to proffer a personal reaction after reading Stephen R. CoveyдЫЄs most acclaimed book entitled The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Specifically, the following concerns would be addressed, to wit: (1) to provide a description of oneдЫЄs personal reaction to what has been written, and (2) to describe how one might utilize the specific...

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    Employees have a number of work priorities that they will generally uphold, and that they wish to achieve a decent sense of professional development in the process. This being the case, the latter sections shall discuss the concepts of work priorities and professional development, with the goal of explaining their importance as things every employee...

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    The purpose of this paper is to explain my interest and capacity for leading others. It is a brief statement of my core beliefs and personal vision about effective leadership. It is also a description of my leadership style as well as legacy. It focuses on my traits and competencies as a leader. In essence it answers the fundamental question why anyone...

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    Life does not offer many chances and I am the sort of a person who wants to avail and make the best use of all of these opportunities. Being a goal-directed and self-motivated individual, I have always thrived well through my strong communication and interpersonal skills. This has helped shape up my personality and made me into a tough person that I have...

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    Group 6 has done a decent job in analysing the case study and using appropriate leadership and motivational theories to identify the kind of leaders and employees. The group has done a very good job in applying leadership theories but has failed to properly use the Motivation theories. I agree with the use of The Tannenbaum and Schmidt Leadership...

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    This article discusses the various behaviors of the Chief Executive Officers (CEO) who chair management meetings and how they affect the outcomes of such meetings. There were five relevant discursive strategies which were found to be utilized by CEOs in the decision-making process. Wodak, Kwon and Clark identified these strategies as bonding, encouraging,...

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    Curtis and Manning merge behavior assumptions with business practice to coach essential skills in leadership and development. Additional, both writers have self-assessed questionnaires and sensible exercises, while incorporating them throughout the book, to aid personal growth and class engagement. The thirteenth chapter of the text involves the...

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    Motivated employees are considered as an edge to a Leader as they prove to be helpful to the leader. If motivation gets rotten, it is an alarming sign for a leader to apply other tactics. A good leadership plays a substantial role in identifying a dysfunctional motivation. It brings the employees back to the track. It has often observed that money is the...

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    Organization structure is the arrangement of the organizational parts based on the departmental specialization. Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates is an organization composed of several departments. Each of these departments has specific role to play as far as meeting the organizational goals is concerned. Well elaborated and designed organizational...

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    Large organizations such as the United States military make use of a lot of information resources. As a result, a good system of handling the data and information processed by these organizations should be designed. EDS is a huge information technology company that has implemented design and implementation of huge information systems for a long period....

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    As we grow in life, there is a need for self grooming and capacity building. Everything in life needs to be dealt with through varying particular ways. A pet animal cannot be treated similarly to an infant, or a formal meeting cannot be called in the same way as throwing a party. The ways of carrying yourself in life can also be achieved through a plan or...

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    Organizations are complicated institutions. It is vital to understand how organizations work in order to run one effectively. To be effective as a manager, it is imperative to be knowledgeable on how to be an outstanding leader. Without proper leadership skills, even the most established organizations risk failing. This is why for proper management it is...

Showing 1 - 12 of 39 items