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    HYPERLINK l _Toc300316968 3.4 The Strategic Planning Tools Used As Well As How They Were Modified Or Abandoned To Suit Organizational Requirements PAGEREF _Toc300316968 h 12Swan Sweetis the manufacturing and wholesale segment of Lebanese Sweet and is located at Maddington, West Australia.Swan Sweet was founded by Hassan Youssef in the 1920s and was then...

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    Outsourcing, which has become a popular trend among the major industries, is a process in which an organization or a company hands over some of its internal operations to a third party. Such activities are prominently seen in the service sector and can either be domestic or overseas. But the recent trend in outsourcing shows an increase in overseas...

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    The industry of telecommunications is going through a fast deregulation and disturbance due to technology in the existing services. In numerous markets worldwide, governments are annulling the monopolistic guidelines owing to which the current big players are witnessing a fresh variety of competitors. The telecommunication market involves customers who...

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    In any business or organization, the basic intent or desire of the management officials is to achieve desired goals and objectives. These goals and objectives can only be achieved when a company is able to take appropriate decisions to cope with unexpected situations. Moreover, good image among people also plays a key role in the success of a company. A...

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    Ford is a public company based in United States. The plant is located at the end of a tropical rainforest in a place called Camacari in Brazil in northern state of Bahia. Ford is arguably one of the most dominant car manufacturing companies in the world. Besides the 14 percent market share in Brazil, Ford shares a sizeable proportion of automobile market...

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    The study mainly deals with the comparison of two business plans. It starts with the introduction of the two businesses. The two chosen businesses are The Daily Perc Cafe and The Watertower Cafe. Daily Perc Caf is a beverage retailer. It is a breakfast and lunch caf providing outdoor concept to the customers for relaxing and having fun. The Watertower...

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    Successful organizations require visionary and exemplary leaders. These leaders will provide service to the organization by providing guidance and direction. Service in any leadership position requires the leader to have leadership tactics. These are crucial during leadership processes. Various authors and researchers have described leadership as a...

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