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    Social work is a specialized field dedicated to the assurance of social welfare, social change, and social justice. The discipline works to improve the quality of life for each and every member of the society. Social workers are the people who assist and support people in their hour of difficulties (Prescott, 1992). The hardships and complication can take...

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    The paper aims to present a personal leadership coaching development plan for increasing oneдЫЄs capacity to lead, coach, and develop others. The plan is envisioned to include principles of appreciative coaching, to wit: The Constructivist Principle, The Positive Principle, The Anticipatory Principle, The Simultaneity Principle, and The Poetic Principle....

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    It is often said that international companies which have become tools for globalization have made the world a marketplace where peoples and countries have no recourse but to buy what they do not want to buy. Globalization, despite its many setbacks, has also positive benefits. Due to globalization national borders are not very important now, and there is...

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    Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton is, as the company describes itself, a world leader in luxury (LVMH, 2010). The group was founded in 1987 and now possesses more than 60 famous brands in 5 different categories wines and spirits, fashion and leather goods, perfumes and cosmetics, watches and jewelry, and selective retailing. The group operates internationally...

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    the domestic companies and the foreign companies in markets that the foreign companies have a desire to enter. The foreign companie s come with new business practices and the new technologies into the joint venture At times joint ventures are flexible; the joint venture can have a life span that is limited and it cover s what the business wants to do...

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    the best level of staffing in a company is one thing that many human resource managers face as a big challenge. Hiring more than what the company requires is risky because it may lead to it spending more than what had been budgeted for sin ce they will have nothing to do. In the case of very few workers being hired, the present one s will feel more...

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    1. Globalization is a phenomenon that no business organization affords to ignore. The improvements in technology have in a way speeded up the process of globalization. However, the expansion of world markets by rapid globalization also means increased competition. The improvement s in technology have allowed the business organizations to coordinate their...

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    The aim of this research is to identify, describe, and critically analyze the factors, other than the traditional performance appraisal, responsible for employee performance in organizations and to conclude whether or not performance appraisal is a significant factor responsible for employee performance in organizations.

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    Communication is the process of sending a piece of information and receiving it on the other end. In case of organizations, communication is a very important term, when it comes to the interaction between employees. In an organization a message must be accurate and persuasive both within the organization, from individual to individual, person to a group...

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    As businesses grow and mature, the goal of each one is making a profit. This, of course happens by means of selling a good or service of the company to a third party. This requires fulfilling several conditions. First of all, a successful company should have a good enough image for its customers to be returning and loyal. That is the task of public...

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    Southwest Airlines is one of the largest airlines in United States of America. The success achieved by Southwest Airlines has attracted management gurus all over the world. The operations management of the airline has been seen as a standard for other airlines. The way Southwest Airlines has acquired its wide market just by following its cost leadership...

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    The growth of present business scenario is based on the capability of businessmen to maintain close Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The customers are creating huge demands and having more choices to meet their expectations. For generating customer loyalty, a business organisation requires accurate, absolute and current information of customers....

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