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    The commercialization of leisure in modern America has been brought about by the steep rise of incomes, effectively establishing entertainment as a major industry today. For Hollywood, this phenomenon is both good and bad news. It is, certainly, a benefit since the movie audience has expanded. On the other hand, film has to face an increasing competition...

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    From the lists of tables provided by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Table 2.1 shows the Personal Income and its Disposition ( HYPERLINK http//, 1). Nominal personal income for the first quarter of 2011 is 12,980 billion while nominal disposable income is 11,711.6 billion after deducting nominal or current personal taxes of 1,268.4...

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    In economic analysis, only perfect competition and monopoly show the extreme positions of firms in an industry. Perfect competition simply comes under definition as a market situation where there are a large number of sellers in the industry, each one selling a homogenous product, and a large number of buyers. In economics, competition is mainly described...

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    Social security is defined by the Oxford dictionary as a system in which people pay money regularly to the government when they are working and receive payments from the government when they are unable to work, especially when they are sick or too old to work (Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary). The term social security refers to the system of providing...

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    Inflation is an unpredictable economic condition which has positive as well as negative impacts on financial market. When the demand is more than available supply, there will be an upward movement in the prices of goods and services. This condition along with a decline in the value of money constitutes inflation. Consumer Price Index and Product Price...

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    capacity can only be enhanced with the appropriate public spending. In light of the magnitude of the spending that can sustain the US as a leading This translates to an element of over 15 per cent of the federal government, with projected figures for the year 2011 expected to be hit the 18 percent mark a huge proportion of the money spent in healthcare...

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    The increase in the demand for corn due to its use as an alternative source of energy would have effects on the supply of other substitutes, such as soybean. There would be a reduced supply of soybean as the increase in demand of a substitute good corn would ultimately lead to a decrease in the demand of soybean and a reduction in the supply of soybean....

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    WorldдЫЄs supply of sugar takes place from both sugar beet and sugarcane. It is known that the consumption of global sugar shows an increase of two percent every year. Higher margins are generated by the large sugar exporters through domestic sales. Also, there are government interventions which affect the economy of the industry to a large extent. The...

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    The social security came into being when Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the social security Act on 14th Aug, 1935 (Max, 2005). The aim of the act was to come up with a system of social insurance. It was based on the idea that workers can collect a proportion of their pay to protect themselves and their relatives against disastrous loss of earnings that...

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    The process of globalization is progressively reshaping relationships all over the world. Integrated market policies have helped countries to improve literacy rates by stabilizing their economies. However, enabling more labor class to receive higher education has also led to rapid academic inflation. Consequently, the race for higher education resulted in...

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    Microeconomics is the study by individuals on allocating scarce resources in a market (Sloman, 1999). There are four basic types of market structures which are as follows:Perfect competition exists when there are homogenous products and many buyers and sellers. The competition is much tensed and everyone is fighting the rat race of winning over the other....

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    The available stock of oil is exhausting day by day because of the increased and injudicious consumption of oil by the human. It is assumed that the worst problem the world may face in future could be the energy crisis. Because of the developments in science and technology and the subsequent advancements in industrial and automobile sector, the available...

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