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    Central banks have embraced a policy framework known as inflation targeting for forecasting of the future inflation this approach is usually characterized with the announcement of inflation targets and explicit acknowledging stable and low inflation is the ultimate long-term objective for the monetary policy. Important features for the inflation targeting...

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    Millions of people die due to hunger, AIDS and other poverty related diseases every year in most poor countries worldwide. In recent years, there were relentless calls for reduction or cancellation of debt owed by poor countries with a view to reduce poverty existing in these countries. Many economists and various other experts as well as literatures have...

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    The short story I particularly liked was ‰ЂњA Tabaquero Talks.‰Ђќ The story as the name suggests, is about a tabaquero or a cigar maker, who does not call himself a cigarette maker but a tabaquero because of the value he has for his work. Alfanso thinks that he has an art of making such fine quality cigar, which every worker cannot do. He is proud of his...

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items