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    Within the video entitled Dr Shoup Parking Guru, Dr Shoup expresses his opinions about parking meters in New York City. Shoup believes that it would be extremely beneficial for the city to do away with free curbside parking and, instead, install parking meters in every neighborhood(Dr Shoup Parking Guru). It is his professional opinion that free parking...

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    Donald Shoup, a professor of urban planning and an instructor at the University of California, Los is a leading world expert of parking. He has written a book titled the high cost of parking.. He says that 29% of vehicle around New York wander around just looking for a parking space since all spaces are occupied. The vehicles will drive around the...

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    Presently, Europe is in the spotlight particularly on the bond market because of fiscal excesses as well as unsustainable sovereign debt load in some of the countries in Europe. However, there are countries in the world that have equally alarming debt loads including Japan with its debt growing upwards to 200 percent of its GDP depending on the measure....

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    While many aspects may be described to constitute the meaning of ‰Ђ˜corruption‰Ђ™, a general approach would clearly depict any act of moral or ethical indignation and that deviates from the ideal to refer to corruption. In general, analysis, bribery and embezzlement of public resources would to a large extent describe high degrees of corruption within the...

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    I found this documentary about the Ethiopian coffee industry very informative. I can now see that the trade process is very complex, but there are some areas where the farmers can be taken advantage of. I find it sad that Ethiopian coffee growers only receive a small percentage of what the end customer will pay for the finished product. To me this seems...

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    Life and Debt a film by Stephanie Black is a documentary about the various evils brought about by globalization international monetary fund and World Bank. The disadvantages of these loans on the developing and underdeveloped countries have been the centre for this film. The director of the film, Black based the idea of this film on the negative effects...

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    ‰ЂњThe Inside Job‰Ђќ documentary seeks to explain the causes of the late 2000‰Ђ™s financial crisis in America and further elaborates how this crisis contributed to the global economic recession during the time. The documentary evaluates how the change of policy, banking practices, and corruption affected a series of financial institutions to bankruptcy...

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    Rosie the Riveter is a symbols and expression of the working class females. Before World War II women were house wives unless they belonged to a low class family or were slaves. The women who worked were not given officious jobs but manual labor work. They had pride in serving their homes and they envisioned themselves in no other role. This is depicted...

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    Before the 1980s, US went through a period of continuous economic growth for nearly 40 years and this was the time when financial industry was non-existent. Following this period, the investment banks started doing business with public. This activity was carried out under the umbrella of deregulation which was enforced politically. Financial regulators of...

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    In the movie Capitalism A Love Story, Michael Moore, the filmmaker, shows how greed and different policies which have been implemented in the United States, especially since Ronald Reagan, have destroyed the American Dream. Since 1980, unions have been busted, taxes have been cut for the very wealthy, and banks were deregulated. All of these policies have...

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    Henry Lynch, in his informative documentary film Switch, has unrevealed many truths about the energy future of the world. Switch has opened doors to new horizons regarding the transmission of oil and coal into energy, while delving deeply into the worlds top most, confidential energy sites. The geologist, Dr. Scott Tinker, talks about energy alternatives...

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    Greenley argues, in the article that, in the recent past, the electorate system, in the United States, has seemed to be broken. The only solution to these issues is through voter educational awareness and not by a constitutional conventional system. He further says, the republican ideologies view individual voters as the only people with intelligence and...

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