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    The sociological functions in society remain one of the many studied sciences, specifically because of patterns, behaviors and other actions which take place among individuals and groups. Understanding why specific actions occur as well as how individuals determine different focuses within their life is one which is often questioned and which is based on...

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    The current paper posits that the X-tax is the best replacement for the current corporate and personal system of taxation. In arriving at this conclusion, the Retail Sales Tax (RST), the Value Added Tax (VAT), the flat tax as well as the X-tax have been evaluated for suitability on the criterion of simplicity and enforceability, the distributional...

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    Basically, the book is an autobiography of the author, Mohammed Yunnus. The book is organized into finding out about five major things in the life of the author, which are ‰ЂњWhy Muhammad Yunnus established Grameen Bank; how he did it; what obstacles he faced; how the bank has succeeded; and how ‰Ђњmicrocredit‰Ђќ and other market-based programs can...

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    In the article, ‰ЂњIs Job Enrichment Really Enriching?‰Ђќ by Mohr and Zoghi, the authors analyze two competing propositions on the link between enrichment and satisfaction of jobs. The report focuses on Canadian workers with rich jobs to determine if factors affecting job satisfaction like; quality circles, suggestion programs, and work teams. From the...

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    The Essays on Great Depression is a book written by Ben Bernanke and was published by the Princeton University Press during the year 2000. This book tackled the Great Depression that occurred during the 1930s, which was described by Bernanke in his preamble as a vertiginous economic decline (vii). Bernanke further added that the Great Depression was an...

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    The book is partly an autobiography that documents consulting done by Sachs in countries facing economic crises. It depicts the passionate attachment that the author has on a program he believes would eliminate extreme poverty from the world. The book examines Sachs‰Ђ™ crisis consulting in many countries around the globe that started in mid 1980s in...

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    The contemporary economic writing period, characterized by division into the strict exploit of professional journals on one hand, and the trivial business newspapers and magazines on the other hand, makes economists and other readers long for a book devoid of either extreme. Benjamin Friedmans The Moral Consequences of Economic Growth sets to make amends...

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    This discussion will focus on the book Capitalism and Freedom by Milton Friedman, the book discusses the role that economic capitalism plays in a liberal society. The author argues that economic freedom is a major precondition for political freedom. The book is based on the United States perspective of a pure capitalist society. It is an insightful book...

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    Social Security is coming under increasing pressure to lower costs as costs are projected to rise over the next three quarter of the century by another 2.5 of the GDP. A large number of retirees are availing their sustenance based on the social security system and these changes would put them at increased risk. This problem is exacerbated even more when...

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    The federal government has applied all possible measures to solve the current economic crisis. However, the problem is still far from attaining a complete solution. This is because the measures applied by the federal government focus on the large-scale economic problems and neglect immediate domestic problem. The global oil prices, US inflation rates and...

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    Izzo discusses in ‰Ђ˜The Wall Street Journal‰Ђ™ about the reasons of the reduced unemployment rate in US recently. The writer states that the drop in the unemployment rate in the month of April is attributed to the people dropping out of the labor force. Many people give up seeking the job for the reasons such as they want to retire or for domestic reason...

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    Tyler Cowen‰Ђ™s Creative Destruction: How Globalization Is Changing the World‰Ђ™s Culture is a typical elaborate book that examines the complex issue of trade and traditional cultural orientations. The author elaborates the existence of profit economies and profitless economies with a desire to preserve the cultural identity against the complex...

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