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    The FIFO method of calculating costs works on the premise that those inventories which are purchased first are also sold out first (First In First Out). An example of this would be a restaurant chain like KFC which would try to sell out its older stock first because of its perishable nature. Thus, it excludes the units completed in the beginning work in...

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    Bernard L Madoff was arrested in December 2008, on charges of defrauding investors of 50 billion in a Ponzi scheme. At the time of arrest he was 73 years old. Final charges proved against him were securities fraud, investment advisor fraud. mail fraud, money laundering, false statements, perjury, false filing with SEC and stealing employee benefit plans....

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    I want to join your program for several reasons. One of my career goals is to pursue a career in teaching in the future. Most universities require its professors to hold PhD degrees. During the first year of the program I hope to get acquainted with the faculty and sharpened my research skills in order to select a good topic for my thesis. I am very...

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    Accounting is one of the most vital disciplines in the academic, as well as professional domain. Money makes the world go round and the flow of money would not have been mechanized in such structured forms if accounting processes and standards had not been devised. The vitality and logical structure of the field of accounting makes it an appealing...

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    Identification of favorable and unfavorable variances does play a crucial role in the overall growth and performance of a company. To start with, I would try and simply define to you what budget reporting entails and how it is crucial to these types of variances. Typically speaking, a budget report can portray the real outcome when comparisons can be made...

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    Return on investment is a measure of funding which a company may apply in evaluating its performance. Through this approach, profits require consideration in a relationship involving capital invested. In other words, return on investment is a profitability ratio. Return on investment is given by the percentage of net profits per investment of any given...

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    The reason why I am seeking an MBA in Accounting is partly due to the enjoyment and knowledge I have received over the last four years during undergraduate study. In the past I have taken courses on topics such as accounting, finance, economics, and business management. Before I began undergraduate study, I was not sure if accounting was the right step...

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    An asset is an economic resource that should have positive value to a company. The value on ownership ascribed to the asset should be able to be exchanged for cash. In the case of BKX Group Inc., the intangible asset under discussion for the Old Robert Company is goodwill expected to earn the company higher returns. However, the reverse is happening since...

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    I decided to pursue accounting because when I was a child, my father and I played number games, for example, Monopoly. These early experiences made me well acquainted with numbers. In addition, while I was growing up, I realized a number of successful businesses and companies had excellent accountants. The investment and finance field have been attracting...

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    My name is Nasser Alaqir and my interest in Finance and Accounting as a discipline dates back to early childhood when I used to go to my father‰Ђ™s office. While at the office, he performed various transactions ranging from payments to cash receipts. This really sparked my interest in the subject and to date I have never looked back. This passion...

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    My liking for numbers and mathematics while I grew up eventually developed into a strong interest in a future in the business and finance industry. I have always been good at quick arithmetic, and while studying in an international school in Kazakhstan, I received various awards for exemplary performance in mathematics, algebra and geometry during my 8th...

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    Staying connected to the field of education always remained high in my priority list. My preferences and choices revolve around the level of success and lifestyle that I aim to achieve. Indeed, education is one of the most important factors to succeed in the modern environment. More and more educational disciplines are introduced and promoted to keep the...

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