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    The documentary Inside Job is based on the late 2000 global financial crisis and is segregated into five key parts. The key aim of the documentary is to illustrate the background and modalities of the global recession to the masses who find it impossible to comprehend the confusing complex financial terms and derivatives terms used by commentators to...

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    The movie ‰ЂњInside Job‰Ђќ elicits strong negative responses from viewers, which are relative based on one‰Ђ™s position of the events outlines and expounded in the movie. Personally, the movie being an expose of the background behind then events that led to the financial crisis of the late 2000s arouses outrage. This is concerning the vivid exposure of...

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    Innovation and research impacts widely in the field of management accounting which encompasses the measuring and reporting financial and non financial information for decision making towards the achievement of organizational objectives. The traditional accounting measurements for a long time are characterized by the use of a monthly financial cycle that...

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    Financial crisis is a situation where the supply of money is outdone by demand for money. In this case, the value of financial institutions and or assets drops rapidly as liquidity fades rapidly since the available money is withdrawn from banks forcing them to sell their investments or even collapse. Marginal call highlights the initial stages of the...

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