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    A moral hazard exists when one party has a responsibility to advance the interests of another, but has an incentive to pursue his or her own interests first (Dowd, 2009), and the pursuit of one compromises the other. Moral hazards are pervasive in business where one party (i.e. management) is tasked to handle the resources of another (i.e, the investor)....

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    The purpose of this brief discussion is to describe the fundamentals of an effective accounting system, including the necessary internal control features for cash and accounts/notes receivable transactions.

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    The Investor is a 47-year-old married male who is looking to retire at age 67, the first year he is eligible for full social security benefits. He is a district sales manager for Bob Forsythe Auto, a large and highly profitable dealership in mid-Missouri. His earned income, including salary and bonuses, is 85,000 per year. He does receive a cost of living...

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    Blue Nile has a special strategy for success in the market. This contributes to the popularity of this company. Every member of Blue Nile tries to get as much information about the customers as possible. The company created a website to have feedback from customers. According to the words of CFO Diane Irvine, success is visible through the healthy...

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    The Market value of a firm is its value in the market. Market value refers to a price which the seller of a firm is bound to receive from a buyer which is inclusive of both the firms assets and liabilities that the firm intends to acquire or sell. It is very important to assess the market value of a firm especially when there is a merger or acquisition.

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    1. Identify the components of a stocks realized return. A stocks realized return is represented by the overall gain an investor obtains from an investment. The reason people invest in common stocks is to make money. The primary components of a stocks realized return are capital gains and dividends paid out to the investor. The dividends an investor might...

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    Implementation of IAS is strategic in nature providing long-term security to firms despite short term expenses. The law requires firms to take concrete steps to ensure employee capacity building, asset and liability management, evaluation of financial instrument and more visibility of financial statements. Although it costs firms initially, it saves firms...

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    The double entry system is based on the application of journal entries composed of debits and credits. Each journal entry must have a credit and debit of equal amount. There are different ledgers accounts used in an accounting system such as the cash, expense, account receivable, equity, accounts payable, sales, and depreciation account among others. Each...

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    I am a chief of Police working in a mid-sized town that consists of 75,000 residents. The town is currently experiencing a growth rate of 5 per cent. The tax base of the town is 60 residential, 30 commercial and 10 industrial. The police in this town have ensured that law and order are maintained at all times. The diligence of the officers at my station...

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    Most people shudder when they hear the word дЫчInterviewдЫЄ- it sends shivers right up their spine. As they recall the interviews they have given for jobs, it is almost always a stressful situation in which even the best preparation could not guarantee success. This is because there could be an unexpected or surprise element that one could never foresee....

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    The accounitng cycle is a systematic system used by accountants to keep track of economic activities in order to prepare the financial staments of the company. The flow chart below shows the steps of the accounting cycle.

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    When the new competition came into the market Guillermo Furniture Store faced a variety of problems. During the same timeframe other factors affected the Sonora region as more people moved into the area due to social and economical progress as a consequence the costs of labor climbed. Guillermo Furniture Store had an old school manufacturing system that...

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