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    Robert only consumes X and Y, and his indifference curves have the usual convex shape. Consider the consumption bundles (3, 9), (6, 6), and (9, 3) (hint they lie on a straight line). If Robert is indifferent between (3, 9) and (9, 3), then HTMLCONTROL Forms.HTMLOption.1 he prefers (3, 9) over (6, 6). HTMLCONTROL Forms.HTMLOption.1 he prefers (9, 3) over...

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    Y A corporate bond rated AAA with a shorter time to maturity than bonds W and X Z A corporate bond rated AAA with the same time to maturity as bond Y that trades in a more liquid market than bonds W, X, or Y There has always been a strong relationship between the risks attached to a security with the return earned on a security, and this risk-return trade...

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    Now, planned expenditure of 7 tasks to be accomplished till date is 101,000. Assuming all 7 tasks to cost equal to the project, it can be said that Planned expenditure of 6 tasks actually accomplished till date is given by (101,000 6/7) i.e. 86571. This is called the Earned Value (EV) of the project.

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    A.ЊжЊжDetermine the equations for each of the three constraints that are plotted on the attached "Graph 1." Nutrient C constraint дЫУ 4X + 4Y <= 30B.ЊжЊжDetermine the total contribution to profit that lies on the objective function (profit line) as it is plotted on the graph if the company produces a combination of cases of Brand X and Brand Y. The...

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    4. 4,000 are invested in an account paying 3% interest compounded continuously. The amount of money in the account after (t) years is given by A (t) = 4000‰„Ё^ (.03*t). How fast is the investment increasing after 7 years? 7. In a computer assembly plant, a new employee, on the average, is able to assemble N (t) =10-10‰„Ё^-4t units after (t) days of job...

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    Forecasting is an important part of decision making. The research focuses on using SPSS and Excel to arrive at the trend line generated from the 2007 to 2010. The research focuses on estimating the projected inventory for the four months after the end of 2010. Forecasting inventory aids in making better inventory related management decisions.

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    Running head: QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS 1 Quantitative Analysis Name Institution QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS 2 Quantitative Analysis A) Determine the equations for each of the three constraints that are plotted on the attached Graph 1, showing all work necessary to arrive at the equations. 1. Identify each constraint as a minimum or a maximum constraint. (Sweeney...

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    1. Determine whether the evaluated group is a population or a sampleеКBased on a randomly selected group of 500 patients with high cholesterol, it was found that 67% have heart disease. Is this a population or a sample; explain your answer.

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    Unlike prices of other fuels, the prices of gasoline keep fluctuating. This is normally due to the changes in supply of crude oil. World events and domestic issues in oil-producing countries are normally the major causes of disruption in the supply of crude oil. Seasonality is also another cause of the fluctuation. In seasons like summer, when people tend...

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    ‰€‚Q‰€‚PA= ‰€‚‰€‚PA(200 ‰Ђ“ 8PA + 5PB + 0.5Y)‰€‚QA‰€‚PA= ‰€‚‰€‚PA(200) ‰Ђ“8‰€‚PA‰€‚PA + 5‰€‚PB‰€‚PA + 0.5‰€‚Y‰€‚PA‰€‚Q‰€‚PA= 0 ‰Ђ“ 8(1) + 0 + 0‰€‚Q‰€‚PA= -8Now we can find the partial price elasticity of good A;Since Ed < 1, therefore the demand for good is inelastic. a smaller change in the demand of good A quantity occur with the change in price.

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    The results indicated that the Chrysler‰Ђ™s both claims that the Caravans get 28 mpg on the highway with a standard deviation of 2.1 mpg are not true. Thus, it is recommended that Chrysler should lower its claim about the highway miles per gallon of the Dodge Caravans. Further, Chrysler should also try to reduce variability in miles per gallon and provide...

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    Therefore, a forecasting model would be; Ft=200245.677 + 10994.2857t. This model has been developed from a linear trend forecasting, which is one of the methods of time series forecasting technique is. This technique is very useful in this case as compared to the others since the data we are dealing with here is a time series data and there is a long time...

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