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    I work at a franchised convenience store and the information system used by my employer is the Point of Sales (POS) system. With the POS system, my employer can easily manage sales-related information. Every product sold has a bar code printed on it which contains information on the price and the product code. When a customer goes to the cashier with the...

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    A lot of changes can be incorporated into Methodist healthcare to make it a better organization than it currently is this module has taught us several important aspects. Leadership was taught in the first week and every employee should have leadership abilities to be really able to contribute towards the organization, modern day organizations require...

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    Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow. These are the words of Anthony DAngelo which I believe are true because in every individual, there is always a room for improvement no matter how much education or experience one has acquired. There is just so much information and skills a person can acquire as he lives his life so...

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    Living in the 21st century, requires being abreast with the interconnected, globalized world which is only possible through the development of highly efficient intellectual skills. In order to satisfy my insatiable desire to master critical and analytical thinking skills, I decided to pursue IB Diploma Programme and study B&M and ECO HL from an...

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    eBay is one of the largest online retail platforms in the whole world. The company has operations in most of the major economies including the United States, European Union, China and India. Horn (2010) says that despite its strong position in the global market, eBay has faced widespread competition in traditional developed markets, forcing it thereby to...

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    Tuleja (2008) says that the role of culture in international business environments cannot be ignored. While cultural differences may largely seem subtle and minor in nature, any resulting notion may be perceived with a varying level of certainty. For example, people may generally tend to overlook uncontrollable laughter as an immediate response to a funny...

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    Around the early 2000s, Nissan was undergoing substantial turmoil due to extensive debt and declining profits across several automobile models. Carlos Ghosn, the new Chief executive at Nissan, undertook several key initiatives to improve the situation like reducing jobs, closing down loss making units and selling the company‰Ђ™s aerospace business...

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    Operations management is an important area of management that deals with forecasting, designing, and redesigning business activities in the production of goods and services. This management sector assists the organization to ensure efficient and economic utilization of resources and effective meeting of customer requirements. The operations management has...

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    Wal-Mart is the largest retail store chain in the world and was started in 1962. From a strategic perspective, the company is organized into three main segments namely: Wal-Mart United States, Sam‰Ђ™s Club and Wal-Mart International. As of 2011, the US market constitutes over three-fifths of Wal-Mart‰Ђ™s revenue. Wal-Mart also derives nearly 8% of its...

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    In order to analyze the various influencing factors, Porters Five-Force Analysis will be used. In the Five-Force Analysis, the first point of consideration is Supplier Power. In the case of our company, we have decided to collect raw materials and ingredients only from economically backward community groups. First of all, regular supply of things from...

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    I was perhaps in grade three when I first learnt about professions. I was more or less familiar with all the professions introduced in class by my teacher except business. It was new to me. Im not sure whether it was novelty or the charm of being self employed but I was drawn towards it. I wanted to know more. With time, I learnt more about what is...

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    Knowledge of the impact of culture and cultural difference is one of the key dimensions to business while operating in a global commercial environment. Prof. Geert Hofstede says, ‰ЂњCulture is more often a source of conflict than a synergy. Cultural differences are a nuisance at best and often a disaster.‰Ђќ Developing and improving the cultural awareness...

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